Top 4 Social Media Platforms to Post Your Explainer Videos to Maximize Views and Engagement

//Top 4 Social Media Platforms to Post Your Explainer Videos to Maximize Views and Engagement

Top 4 Social Media Platforms to Post Your Explainer Videos to Maximize Views and Engagement

Research has shown that the majority of people in the world like to hang out on social media. Therefore, if your goal is to maximize your explainer videos‘ views and engagement, social media platforms are the best places. However, with the expansion of the internet, a lot of social media platforms have come up, and it can be challenging to choose those that can help you realize your goals quickly. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to highlight the 4 best. Check them out:

Post your product explainer videos on Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media network, by far. In fact, it was the first social media platform to exceed one billion registered accounts. And as of this writing, it boasts more than 2 billion monthly active users. The great thing about Facebook is that it has many groups that attract people with similar characteristics. So it’s pretty easy to pinpoint where your target customers are. You can get a ton of views and engagement on Facebook.

Post your animated explainer videos on YouTube

YouTube is both a search engine and video streaming and sharing site. It’s the second largest search engine in the world after Google. With over one million active monthly users, YouTube is a fertile ground for exposing your explainer videos. And the fact that Google owns it means videos on the platform are given priority when it comes to rankings on Google. However, with all these advantages of YouTube, you have to produce top-notch explainer videos and optimize them for SEO if you want them to rank high on Google and be found by prospective customers.

Post your explainer videos on Instagram

With more than 600million active monthly users, it’s one of the best social media networks to maximize the views and engagement of your explainer videos. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms because people are obsessed with showcasing their lifestyles with images than ever. What sets Instagram apart from other photo sharing sites is its stunning visual video content.

Post your explainer videos on Snapchat

Snapchat closes our list of the best platforms to get views and engagement for your explainer videos. It receives about 300 million active users each month. If you want to get views and engagement from the young demographic, then this social media network is the best choice.


Social media platforms are great sites to promote your explainer videos. They already have millions of users visiting the site every day to watch videos. Plus, it’s free to post on those platforms. So instead of burning money on expensive marketing techniques, why don’t you take advantage of social media?