Things You Shouldn’t Stop Doing After Creating Your Explainer videos

//Things You Shouldn’t Stop Doing After Creating Your Explainer videos

Things You Shouldn’t Stop Doing After Creating Your Explainer videos

It has taken you weeks to create your explainer videos, and you’ve taken the time to market them rigorously. Luckily, you’ve realized your goals; there is more conversion than you expected. But even with this rate of conversion, you shouldn’t let up on marketing and other aspects that have contributed to your success. In other words, there are things you should continue doing to maintain the performance of your explainer videos. Let’s check them out;

Embedding your product explainer videos on your landing pages

When your video is up and running and bringing in the desired results, you should build upon that performance. One of the top ways to do that is to embed it on your landing pages. Having an explainer video on your landing page will reduce your bounce rate and increase dwell time, two elements required to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Continue optimizing your explainer videos for SEO

Search engine metrics change time after time. An SEO technique that worked last year may not work today. For instance, a few years back, Google changed its algorithm from desktop to mobile-first indexing. That’s means that priority ranking is given to mobile-friendly sites. Those who didn’t comply lost a ton of traffic and sales. That’s why you should keep an eye out for any new SEO changes and implement them on your explainer videos quickly.  The most basic SEO tricks to do before posting your explainer videos on any social network include giving them magnetic titles, giving them comprehensive descriptions and adding thumbnails.

Continue tracking your explainer videos’ results

Video is a content type that can offer you the most thorough analytics. For example, a video streaming and sharing platform like Wistia brings you a wide range of metrics, like your target audience’s demographics, your videos views, replays and more. This kind of analytics can help you better understand your viewers and improve your explainer videos to increase your conversions.

Continue posting your explainer videos on social media

Social media is where the majority of online users hang out these days. So your explainer videos should always be on those platforms to maximize conversions. Don’t post your explainer videos once on social media. Repost them over and over to ensure those who missed them on their feeds get the chance to watch them.


Marketing is a continuous process. You can’t just do marketing once and expect results. Similar businesses out there are using explainer videos to target the same customers, so if you don’t continually market, you will lag behind.